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ALTURA - A documentary about Costa Rican specialty coffee producers.

Jan 8, 2021 ● Nicolas Labbe

Immerse yourself in the world of Costa Rican specialty coffee producers and discover the realities and challenges faced by these passionate people who work so hard to produce and distribute superior quality products.


2019 Coffee Hunt - Costa Rica

Apr 5, 2019 ● Nicolas Labbe

What makes Julius stand out from other coffee roasters are the unique relationships we maintain with local producers fincas in Costa Rica. Because we import directly from them, we make it a duty (a very enjoyable one) to travel to meet them in person to continue building strong ties that...


Fight the heat with cold brew coffee

Jul 18, 2018 ● Nicolas Labbe

Cold-brewed coffee, commonly known as cold brew, is one of the most popular beverages in hot weather. This increasingly popular method of brewing coffee allows you to enjoy the delicious aromas of coffee in a refreshing beverage.


Café Julius, Jérôme Ferrer's favorite!

Jun 15, 2018 ● Pascal Giroux

Julius is proud to be named a favourite of Jérôme Ferrer in the 29th "La boîte du chef", which will be distributed on the week of July 16 2018. Would you like to try Julius coffee? Order "La boîte du chef" number 29 ! What better way to enjoy a gourmet...


Washed or dried coffee? Coffee processing methods

May 24, 2018 ● Pascal Giroux

Once harvested, the fruit of the coffee tree undergoes various transformations to obtain the coffee bean we consume. Coffee producers use a variety of methods to free the bean from its envelope of skin, pulp and parchment. The best-known methods are dry processing, wet processing and the Honey Process.


La Cascara, a new way to enjoy coffee

May 21, 2018 ● Pascal Giroux

Coffee pulp is one of the main waste products from coffee production. But why not use it to make a unique new beverage? That's what some coffee producers are doing today with cascara, offering a new alternative halfway between coffee and tea.


What is a specialty coffee?

May 15, 2018 ● Pascal Giroux

Specialty coffee is the grand cru of the coffee family, categorizing it apart from the more classic coffee. This superior quality coffee must meet the highest standards in the coffee world, from cultivation to distribution.


Découvertes au Costa Rica

Mar 16, 2018 ● Pascal Giroux

From February 16 to 23, we went to Costa Rica.The itinerary had been drawn up, and we were going to put our feet up on the sand of Jacó beach for the weekend to breathe in the sun and taste the flavors on offer.


Coffee-making basics

Feb 6, 2018 ● Pascal Giroux

The art of making good coffee lies in the details and subtleties. To succeed every time, you need to know the right technique for the chosen preparation method, use quality products and be well-equipped.