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La Cascara, a new way to enjoy coffee

May 21, 2018 ● Pascal Giroux


Coffee pulp is one of the main byproducts of coffee production. Why not use it to make a unique drink? This is what some coffee producers are now doing with cascara, offering an alternative midway between coffee and tea.

Pulp transformation

The coffee's "cascara" is the dried pulp inside the coffee cherry. Once the fruit is picked, the pulp, which used to be removed and thrown away, is now recovered then dried to produce a brewed drink. At the farm, cascara requires as much attention in its transformation process as coffee does.

A taste different from coffee

Even though cascara comes from the same plant as coffee grains, its taste is remarkably different. It is more like a tea or herbal tea, with fig, raisin, and honey aromas. It still, however, contains some caffeine.

Well known virtues

In many countries, cascara, full of nutrients and anti-oxidants, is used for its many digestive benefits and some consider it a superfood.

Enjoying cascara

To enjoy the most flavour from cascara, simply brew it like tea, with 2 tbsp of cascara per 250 ml of hot water at 90 °C.

Cascara has been growing in popularity over the last few years, but it is still relatively unknown. Only a few specialized stores carry it. Thankfully, you can  Costa Rica cascara in the Julius store.