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Vous n’avez qu’à choisir un type de mouture, un format, une quantité et la fréquence de livraison souhaitée selon votre habitude de consommation. On s’occupe de tout le reste!


Extraction recipes

Although our coffee is excellent, it's important to master the extraction process to get the most out of its aromas and enjoy it to its full potential. Grind your coffee just before extraction, using a quality grinder and respecting the following extraction ratios:

Espresso 1:2.5

18g freshly ground coffee
45g extraction volume
All in +-30 seconds

Filtre 1:15

20g freshly ground coffee
300g extraction volume
All in +-3 minutes 30 seconds

Buying Julius coffee means making a difference every day

What sets Julius apart from other roasters is our unique relationship with local Costa Rican producers, the fincas. Because we import directly from them, we make it a point (and a great pleasure) to go out and meet with them, to build strong relationships based on our shared passion for coffee.

Discover our values
Julius in Costa Rica

Julius subscription

Our monthly subscription allows you to discover our specialty coffees and ensures you never run out. Every month, our roaster introduces you to one of our coffees and delivers it right to your door. Don't wait any longer, subscribe now!

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Auto-renews, skip or cancel anytime.