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Coffee-making basics

Feb 6, 2018 ● Pascal Giroux

Julius coffee x Simonelli

The art of making good coffee lies in the details and subtleties. To succeed every time, you need to know the right technique for your chosen brewing method, use quality products (fresh coffee beans, which will be ground just before brewing, and water) and be well-equipped. Here are a few tips for the most popular brewing methods:


For lovers of full-bodied coffee, this method brings out the full power of its flavors.
15-18 grams coffee / 210 ml water / fine grind

Once you've prepared your coffee, place it in the tube of your machine. Heat the water to around 92-94°C. Pour the water into the tube and leave the coffee to brew for one minute. Remove the plunger and stir with a spoon or spatula. Replace the plunger and squeeze until all the liquid has been used up. Now you're ready to enjoy!

Carafe or filter holder (Chemex)

This method extracts a smooth, delicate coffee. With its sophisticated design and large capacity, it's perfect for sharing with friends and family.
30 grams coffee / 500 ml water / filter grind

Prepare ground coffee. Rinse the Chemex with hot water and drain completely, to avoid a paper-like taste left by previous brews. Place the filter in the Chemex and add the coffee. Bring the water to the boil and leave to stand for a minute. Pour in half the water, spiralling outwards from the center to within a centimetre of the rim. Leave to infuse for one minute. Pour in the second half of the water, repeating the process. Remove the filter and enjoy!

Piston coffeemaker (Bodum)

The plunger coffee maker is the favorite for tasting. Because of its longer brewing time, it allows maximum coffee aroma.

47 grams coffee / 800 ml water / filter grind

First step: clean the coffeemaker thoroughly. Pour in hot water to warm it up, then drain. Prepare your ground coffee and place it at the bottom of the container. Bring your water to the boil and then allow it to cool to around 92-94°C (about one minute). Calculate four minutes brewing time and pour the water into the container. When the four minutes are up, press the plunger, serve and enjoy!


Making a good espresso requires precision, meticulousness and rigor. However, your efforts will be greatly rewarded when your eyes land on its crema and your taste buds savor its richness.

18-21 grams of coffee / fine grind

Heat your machine and run the filter holder under hot water, taking care to dry it thoroughly afterwards. Prepare your coffee dose directly in the filter holder. Tamp the coffee until it offers firm resistance, then clean any residue from the rim. To extract, purge your machine for a few seconds and then place the filter holder. Extraction should take 25 to 30 seconds. Serve as is, as a latte or in any other variation you prefer!